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A name familiar to many in the upstate, Ann Hicks, who served as the arts writer for the Greenville News for eleven years, has joined the board of the Carolina Music Museum, South Carolina’s first music museum.

Arriving in Spartanburg in 1957 as a refugee from Budapest, Hungary–behind the Iron Curtain–she is well remembered for her passionate support for artists and the arts, all of the arts. She could be seen at theatre openings, concerts, galleries, taking the time to interact with the artists, the directors, the conductors, the choreographers, all the while continuing to educate herself on the nuances of the forms she wrote about.  She was–and still is–well known in the arts community, but her relationships never colored her writing: honest, straightforward, knowledgeable and, of course, well written. That ran in the family; her physician father wrote three novels before he was 38. She could not turn around without seeing artwork on the walls or hearing classical music her mother loved so much–art was, from an early age, part of who she was and who she became.

Now, she will work closely with the board of the Carolina Music Museum to bring her passion to this  unique collection of historical instruments and the stories they have to tell us about what it was like, and what it meant, culturally and socially, to sit in a room with David Rittenhouse of Philadelphia in the Colonial Period, or to face Sherman’s soldiers in Fairfield County in 1865.  Her love of history, culture, language has found another home for her love of the arts.

There is a link to wonderful story written about her when she retired under the Press button on the museum’s home page. (A Greenville Journal article, written in 2010 by Cindy Landrum, provided some background for this posting.)

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