Featured Instrument June 2018: Robert and William Nunns 1828, New York

May 30th, 2018

Visitors to the museum who take the elevator to the second floor are greeted by one of the most stunning instruments in the entire exhibit, the 1828 Nunns Brothers piano, one of three of their French pillar and plinth style designs.   The brothers immigrated to America in the early 1820’s and went to work […]

Featured Instrument May 2018 : The 1790 Dackweiller Square Piano, Paris

April 30th, 2018
Dackweiller Square Piano

At the Carolina Music Museum nearly every instrument has a wonderful story to tell us but none quite so mysterious as the 1790 Dackweiller square. On the second floor in the museum, along with the other square pianos, the Dackweiller is a beautiful piece of furniture in addition to being a wonderful instrument. One is struck by the elegant incorporation of the two pedals into the piano’s design. 

Featured Instrument February 2018: The 1748 Spinet Harpsichord

March 12th, 2018
The Kirckman Harpsichord

The 1748 Spinet Harpsichord Jacob Kirkman, London The Kirkman family of harpsichord makers, beginning with Jacob Kirkman, was the most prolific builder in London during the 18th century. Kirkman concentrated on the large harpsichords and the number of spinets made by the firm must never have exceeded a small fraction of the their total output. […]