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On a chilly, overcast morning at 9:30, people from Heritage Green, from County Government and City Government, from visitgreenvillesc, the Chamber of Commerce, and volunteers and friends, all gathered to welcome the Carolina Music Museum to Greenville and to Heritage Green.  H.G. “Butch” Kirven, Chairman of County Council spoke about the importance of the arts and the careful consideration given by the Council to the selection of the Carolina Music Museum to be the new resident of the Coca Cola Building. Amy Ryberg Doyle, City Council member and Vice Mayor Pro-Tem, welcomed the Museum to Heritage Green, recognizing Heritage Green as an important contributor to the culture of the city.  Curator and Artistic Director, Tom Strange, spoke of what was accomplished in the seven months since the museum moved into the Coca Cola Building and at a cost that would be the envy of other groups who might be thinking of starting a museum. He thanked all those who contributed their time, energy and capital to the opening of the first music museum in the two Carolinas. Tripp James, Business Growth Program Manager of the Greeville Chamber, along with the museum’s three founders (Steven Bichel, Bichel Foundation, Beth Lee, Elbert W. Rogers Foundation, and Thomas Strange), Butch Kirven, Amy R. Doyle, and Roy S. Fluhrer, the Executive Director of the Museum, then cut the ribbon signifying the official opening of Carolina Music Museum.





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