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(There isn’t a successful arts organization we know of that thrives without dedicated volunteers, the Carolina Music Museum is no exception. We will be pleased to feature those who have meant so much to us as we begin our first year on Heritage Green.)

The Carolina Music Museum has been extremely fortunate in finding a volunteer like Glenda Ehrmann, chosen as our July Volunteer of the Month.

Glenda has a BS in Nursing from the University of Missouri, and married Calder Ehrmann in 1964, The mother of two sons, both attorneys, she, as is the case with many grandmother’s, tells us that she has “three beautiful and brilliant grandsons, ages 4, 7, and 8.”

Glenda has had the privilege of living in Greenville twice since 1979 and also has lived in Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, and France twice. Many years ago, she played the piano and also the clarinet. We have invited her to sit down at one of these historic keyboards but hasn’t taken us up on it yet!

Glenda said, “The moment I walked through the doors of the Carolina Music Museum, I was literally stunned with its beauty. The history and the collection of these priceless harpsichords and pianos is truly unmeasurable. The Carolina Music Museum is an incredible gift to Greenville and I feel blessed to be able to be here.”

And, Glenda, we feel the same way about you!

(If you’d like to volunteer at the museum please contact our office at 864.520.8807.  There are number of opportunities and one will surely fit your interest.)

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