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Art Frederick and his wife Jane moved to Greenville from upstate NY in December, 2017. Following college at Cornell, he met Jane while stationed at the Military Clothing & Textile Supply Agency in Philadelphia, and they married shortly after he was released from active duty. He then worked in the family’s furniture store, and they raised four children. After eventually closing the store, he worked as a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch and Kidder Peabody, then at Prudential Life. His next occupation was as a commercial embroiderer at his own studio until finally retiring.

Jane and Art love Greenville. After living in the country for many years, they find city life exciting and interesting, and the drug store isn’t six miles away. Art thought about volunteering at the CMM shortly after it opened to the public. His interest in music extends back to fifth grade when he began to learn the tuba – probably because he was the biggest kid in the music class. He also briefly studied piano and accordion but played the tuba and sousaphone through high school and college. Then his attention turned to making a living and raising a family, so the tuba took a back seat.

He sang with the Hudson Valley Choral Society, the Columbia Festival Chorus, and, most recently, the Broad Street Chorale. All of these are in upstate NY. Currently, he is looking for a chorus that needs another bass.

Art joined the volunteers soon after the museum opened and is happy to have found such a wonderful place as the Carolina Music Museum.


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