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One of the museum’s weekend employees, is Marianne Jones, a native of Greer and a single mother of three children two girls and boy.  She  began her part time employment at the front desk on weekends May 26th, a responsibility she shares with Kaylea Hester–you’ll meet her soon.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and one of the things she enjoys most here is the wonderful people she meets from all over the country and when one of them sits down to play it makes the moment even more special. “This museum has everything that inspires me”, she says, “history, music, these wonderful instruments–it is incredibly interesting and every time I’m here is a gift.”

A native of Greer, she is the Front Desk Coordinator at Carolina Family Services, which provides mental health counseling to underprivileged children and adolescents in the Greenville and Spartanburg area.  A domestic violence survivor, Marianne’s spirit is indomitable and when she attends a concert she always stays afterwards to help with putting away the chairs and returning the performance space to “museum mode.”  Our employees have made a big difference in allowing us to stay abreast of the day to day challenges with running a new and major museum. 


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