Music Education & Museum Studies Intern


This internship is an opportunity to gain critical & practical experience working at a small museum, focusing on the history of music and musical instruments. The intern will work directly with full time staff but will have the opportunity to work independently and manage projects. Applicants should have an interest or background in music, history, education, museum studies, theatre, art history, or other related fields. Internships are non-paid and should be coordinated with an adviser at your college or university if you would like to receive class credit.

There are opportunities for many types of interns with various skill sets

Responsibilities may include:

Digitizing rare books and manuscripts for access by the community

Learning and tuning selected keyboards

Assistant to complete instrument accession for museum collections

Initial cleaning of museum collections

Photographing/ researching and identifying select museum collections

Digitizing museum collection memorabilia

Media savvy intern to create documentary movies for museum collections

Exhibit mounting/moving/painter/planner

Measure, order and mount plastic keyboard protectors

Development letters, setting up meeting with donors, thank you notes

Conceptualize tours and programming for current and upcoming exhibitions

Assist with regular museum operations when needed

10+ onsite hours are required for this internship, including some weekends & evening concerts


The ideal candidate will:

Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Be flexible, well organized, and able to multi-task
Be a creative thinker, not afraid to offer up ideas
Have experience providing excellent customer service

If interested, please send a resume & statement of interest to

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