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Make your reservations now as one of America’s great storytellers, Dolores Hydock, recounts the wickedly funny, plot-twisting tale of greed, lust, deceit, and revenge based on story written in the 13th century but adapted for 21st century audiences.  It’s the story of a girl raised as a boy to protect her inheritance–women weren’t allowed to inherit property in the 13th century, so what weapon should she choose to face the world, the jeweled sword or a sewing needle? You’ll have to be here to find out!  A great story told by great story teller and with appropriate period music to heighten every moment of the Warrior Woman, played by PanHarmonium, a group of musicians formed in 1987 to recreate the music ancient times using the instruments and musical styles to imaginatively capture the story’s every moment!

Call 864-520-8807 to purchase your tickets. $15 Adults. $5 Students

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